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APD: UK 4 – Germany 1

With the last Budget of this Coalition Government exactly one month away, new analysis by the British Air Transport Association proves that the UK has the highest tax on flying in Europe by a huge margin. Passengers paid over €4billion (£3.14 billion) in Air Passenger Duty (APD) in 2014, compared with just €1 billion (£745 million) raised by Germany’s equivalent Aviation Tax.

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Scrap flight tax to protect all passengers from impact of devolution urge UK airlines

UK airlines are putting their differences aside to call for Air Passenger Duty (APD) to be abolished across the UK during the next Parliament. Nathan Stower, Chief Executive of BATA, will tell industry leaders and politicians gathered in London that growing public and political concern, combined with forthcoming devolution of powers over APD to Scotland, presents a new and unique opportunity to secure abolition.

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BATA responds to Air Passenger Duty proposals for Scotland

Reacting to the Smith Commission’s recommendation that Air Passenger Duty (APD) be devolved to the Scottish Government, Nathan Stower, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association, said:

“We share the Scottish Government’s analysis that Air Passenger Duty – the world’s highest air passenger tax – acts as a barrier to trade, tourism and economic growth. APD across the UK should be phased out as quickly as possible, because the damage caused by this tax doesn’t stop at the Scottish border.”

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Labour proposals for a new charge on overseas visitors

Responding to the news that a Labour Government would introduce a new charge on visitors from countries that are not required to obtain a visa to enter the UK in order to fund 1,000 additional Border Force staff, Nathan Stower, Chief Executive of BATA, said:

“While we welcome the desire to improve the customer experience for passengers arriving at the UK border, airlines have significant concerns about this proposal.”

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BATA responds to Airports Commission

“The Airports Commission’s final recommendation must be cost effective, offer value for money, and not rely on today’s passengers paying for infrastructure that won’t be ready until at least the mid-2020s. UK airlines will study the appraisal of each option in detail to judge whether the plan is supported by a robust business case with realistic forecasts and a credible funding mechanism. I hope our politicians will wait for the results of this consultation and the Commission’s final report so that political decisions can be taken with the fullest evidence.”

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BATA responds to Supreme Court air passenger compensation decision

“Today’s Supreme Court decision is both surprising and disappointing. UK airlines support the principle of passenger protection and always meet their legal obligations. However, the rules should be clear, affordable and proportionate for the sake of passengers and airlines. The current system fails those tests and this decision will further increase costs which ultimately are borne by all passengers.

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